WELCOME! Finding your way around

WELCOME! Finding your way around

Thanks so much for visiting! 

There's a lot in the WORK PLAY EVERY DAY Planner (WPED), and there will be more and more here on the site to help you make the most of your planner.  If you ever get stumped about what to do on a certain page, just come to this blog, where I will have examples of how I and others are using and filling in the WPED, but remember: the way I use it is not the only way to use it.  You might develop different systems that work best for you as you go through the year, and I want it to be as functional as possible for you.

I highly suggest reading the first few pages of the planner to get acquainted with the structure and way it's set up the way it is.  Scheduling and using the WPED is a highly reflective practice.


As you may know, I am an office supply addict.  I even listen to podcasts about pens and paper (not kidding).  You don't need a bunch of fancy stuff to use WPED, but there are some tools I find very useful as I go through my planners each year.  You'll find links to some items I love to use on the Recommended Materials page of this site. 


As you use your WPED, and as you respond to creative challenges or fill out pages like your rituals or anything you think might be fun, interesting, useful, helpful, inspiring, or motivating to your fellow WPED users, please upload a photo to social media and tag @workplayeveryday on Facebook and/or Instagram, and use the hashtag #workplayeveryday.  I'd love to share your post on social media and here so we can all enjoy the contributions of our WPED community.  Being able to enjoy this together and creating a feeling of community around our creative challenges is one of the biggest inspirations behind my creating this book.

Thanks again for joining me on our journey through the year.  I'm so excited to embark on this adventure together!




Nov 1, 2020

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