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Days of the Week labels (for Year Overview)

Days of the Week labels (for Year Overview)

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I love the year overview pages at the front of the planner. They help me zoom out and see the big picture — the forest, if you will.

I like finding a soft, light colored marker to break up the view into weeks, and recently I've heard some interest for stickers to denote days of the week.  I thought that'd be a great idea for an optional add-on. Now that I've labeled my overview pages, I might be a convert (I think the clear labels look especially cool layered over the peach marker lines).

I hand-lettered these, so they match the aesthetic of the planner, and their matte finish means NO DISTRACTING GLARE!

One order will provide labels for both 2024 and 2025, enough for pages 16-23 of your 2024 planner.


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Hand-lettered details

Every sticker is drawn by hand by BettySoo!

Most are even MANUFACTURED by BettySoo personally, so while there may be slight imperfections, they are all made with love.

Fun AND effective!

It's easy to think of stickers as nothing more than colorful, playful fun. But they can serve a useful purpose too! They can function just like color-coded ink to give you an instant visual signal to important tasks, memories, action items, and more.

Stickers for everyone!

Stickers make wonderful gifts to people of all ages.

Every sticker set will be sent in a gift-worthy package, so start thinking of who you'd like to surprise with some new fun stickers!